15 minutes and three addresses in Isfahan

The city of Isfahan is with 1.8 million inhabitants after Tehran and Mashhad third city in Iran. Isfahan had celebrated her best time in the beginning of 1600 DC, as Safawiden kings made the city to her capital. Current is the town in discussion because of earthquake danger in Tehran often as a capital. Isfahan is a multirelegiöse town and from tradition openly towards of all people. Because the town was always regarded as a tourist town, it was invested a lot in preservation or even creation of the historical image of the town. Isfahan is one of few towns in Iran which hold an urban life culture.

The river Zayandeh Rud is topical and historical for the town and her inhabitants an expensive jewelery. The water became because of overuse and dry during the last 20 years less and less. Moreover, the water is pumped by a dam in the west of Isfahan in a pipeline to Yazd 250 kilometers to the east of Isfahan. The historical city of Yazd with 500000 inhabitants suffers particularly in summer from drinking water lack.

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