Self Portrait

I was born in Saveh, a province of Iran. At that time Saveh was rather an agricultural town. Even thou Saveh is mostly renowned for its famous pomegranates she also produces cotton and variety of plants for vegetable oil. These fields stretch around the town in all directions. In the north are the mountain chain Rangeras (=color mix) the town slopes south toward the river Mazlaghan and then the mountains of Hendes.

It was the 19 hour journey by coach to my base in my compulsory army days that washed away all my romantic dreams of the small town.

Today, Saveh is no longer a sleepy town with her population taking afternoon naps to escape from the heat of summer. It has evolved into an industrial city with her People busy trying to make a life for themselves.

I traveled to Germany to study mechanical engineering but after a while due to lifeĀ“s expenses I joined ErlangenĀ“s cap as a driver and discontinued my studies.

My cinematic work began about 1998, as I still drive for living I could only dedicate my spear time to my passion. As a 12-year-old I got my first camera (Super8 of Chinon). My father allowed me to develop my films in Tehran.

The filming almost always begins with ones own family, there it remained, until I was 17. However, my films are a testimony to my ageing and experience .

My preference is the story telling, however, I have remain at documentary works, where I can observe my own personal slope and investigatory skills starts and enjoys the work. The difference to my real direction remain exclusively in forms of expression. I do not follow in my work any more my romanticism which I have stamped particularly a lot from Persian literature separate modern and clear debate of the report which needs no nice veils about her statements. However, an important difference of the story to documentary films remains for me in the space. To build up the possibility in story single elements of the reason, to determine the expiries independently and to pull from it results. In the documentary I must be content to follow the default and patterns in every subject to tell something.

In the winter semester in 2006-2007 five students of the media sciences of the university of Erlangen in frame of her training period have turned a short film about me. They turned short films about person, which beside her everyday life which love art and turn to her. The film is 7min long

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