Festival of immigrants in Erlangen

In the autumn of 2009, I got a tip about the event in the Heinrich Lades Hall. I went there with my camera and I was surprised at the variety of the program, but I wondered why so little effort was invested in announcing the event to the public. In contrast, the "Mexican Day" in the Old Power Plant (Cultural Center in Erlangen) is known to almost everyone in Erlangen, although it is relatively small in comparison.

The festival is scheduled to be held every two years, but this time it was delayed by one year for cost reasons. The highest cost item is the rent for the hall, which the town has to pay to a private subsidiary that rents out the hall for events.

I shot a lot of pictures that I had to leave out. With respect to length and variety of topics, this kind of report has a very narrow framework, which very quickly reaches its limits.

The film is 15 minutes long.

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