Third World Trade

There is the action the Third World trade since beginning of the 70s in Germany . At that time the first world stores and action groups have also originated, often supported from Protestant and Catholic Church municipalities. Today there are approx. 700 world stores in the federal republic with partly quite different adjustments and main focuses. Coffee, chocolate, tea and other goods which are sold in favor of improved living conditions of the producers in developing countries for a higher price than at the world market to usual ones are found meanwhile also in the shelves of supermarkets. What belongs to it beside a smart label, in addition, to fair trade, the Third-World-Stores also demonstrate even today: to contribute to more justice in trade between the lands of the south and the north, they have extended the sales of the products always by political campaigns and a work of information or educational work. To all it is common that they offer fairly traded goods from the Third World which are produced by small farmers or cooperatives and are expelled. Of the Third-World-Store in Erlangen unites co-operating of a wide spectrum of different political settings.

We have tried to indicate at 30 minutes of documentary film all corner points of the activities of T.W.S in Erlangen . Apart from the pictures of the jubilee party the film has originated in the January and February, 2007.

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