Disabled theater Festival

In autumn 2007 the international theater festival for the disabled took place in Tehran for the fifth time. This time five foreign and 34 Iranian groups participated on stage. The festival was made possible due to a cooperation of intellectuals and theater groups with universities and was supported by the ministry of health.

In theater groups it is still very often the intellectual that is in authority concerning authorship. This is well known to the jury. Thus those plays addressing directly life and art of disabled persons were preferred. Topics considered as too theoretical were objected in the beginning.

The groups mainly consist of lay actors that besides their often difficult everyday life attend to theater. It is a big challenge for directors to produce and stage a serious drama with disabled persons who often have few experience in acting. Of importance are first of all the dialogues and the positioning of the actors. Because many actors have difficulties with speaking and certain movements, their position should be chosen in a way that the whole choreography on stage supports dramaturgy notwithstanding certain handicaps of single actors.

The groups can apply in advance for the festival. If they meet certain standards in the choice of themes and quality of acting they are invited for the festival. Not until then they are allowed to present their play to a broad audience that decides who deserves the festival prizes.

For many disabled persons who due to lack of support and many other things fail to participate in societal life the festival is an intensive experience and an important event. They get the chance to overcome their conditional isolation and experience the grandness of the stage. This was also a declared intention and motivation for the founders and creative directors of the festival

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